Thursday, October 9, 2008

What ya' think?

I sometimes feel as though I am the worst mommy in the world.

Too much tv, not enough bonding time, too much yelling.

I just suck at it.

But then I think:

Clean clothes, baths, 3 meals a day, snacks, books, naptimes, hugs, and kisses. Oh and let's not forget the sleeping in my bed every day since she has been breathing oxygen, not to mention those 9 months in my body, stretch marks, saggy boobies, and going to school so I can have a good job so she can have the best, staying up endless hours doing homework for the same schooling so I can get good grades for the good job. And we're not EVEN going to go into the no friends, boyfriends, or anything remotely resembling a social life so that I can do all of the above.

Not to mention that I do it all without the other contributor of half her DNA.

Maybe I'm not so terrible.


Carla said...

I think you are awesome!!

kristi noser said...

and a rockstar--no really.