Wednesday, October 22, 2008

What's new?

I haven't written a blog in a while and I've got so much to talk about.

I've also got a lot of microbiology reading to do, but this is wayyyy more fun.

I did my presentation on my disease in Micro yesterday. Boyyy was I nervous. The anxiety level was at an all-time high. But I got up there and did it, and 4 minutes later, it was over. And now, I'm presentation-free for the rest of the semester. :)

Oh, oh, ohhhhhh! I must tell you all.

My family is involved with theatre and performing and all that crazy stuff, and so my dad, being his bored little self this past couple weeks got together a bunch of pictures to send off to talent agencies. He included my little bit in with the bunch of pictures, and a talent agency called and wants to set up an interview with my Gabriella!

I found this slightly amusing that they want an interview with her. What she's gonna tell them about exactly?

But I digress. The interview is probably to see how she is with people and they'll probably want to take some pictures of her to see how photogenic she is. LOL. I don't think I have ever known a more camera-loving, photogenic child in all my life. Seriously, you get the camera out, and the girl starts cheesin'. The interview isn't until November 12, and I have to figure out what she will wear. Hmm.....

I was thinking about that outfit she has on in the post below this, the first photo with the striped shirt?

Opinions? I'm going to post pics of the other 2 outfits that are contenders as well and I want opinions!

So that's what is new with me, I think. Even if it's not, my momma is home and I have to help bring in the groceries!!

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