Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Season Premieres

I really can not handle the amount of new television that has bombarded my DVR lately. She is really getting a workout with all the recording she has to do.

Let's make a list of all the shows I WANT to watch this fall:

One Tree Hill
Law & Order: SVU
Grey's Anatomy
Ugly Betty
Pushing Daisies

I'm sure there are more that have not premiered yet, that will be added to my DVR list.

Here's what I'm wondering: How will I EVER get any homework done?

Stupid tv, stop coming out with shows I lurve. Between you and the computer, I'm gonna FAIL at life this semester. At least one of my classes is online so I can multi-task with that one.

Also, is it just me or are there some really A-MAZING movies coming out soon?

Okay good, I thought it was just me.

I probably won't see any of them until they come out on DVD though. I'll probably only go to the theater to see High School Musical 3. It will be Gabriella's very first movie theatre experience, and every time we see a commercial for it, we dance up and down in gleeful anticipation. Yes, I mean WE. I'm excited to see the frickin' movie. It's musical theatre for God's sake. BAD BAD BAD musical theatre, but musical theatre nonetheless.

I think I gave Gabriella the musical theatre lover gene when I was baking her in my tummeh. Seriously, she was watching HSM 2 tonight before her bath, and she was standing up dancing and singing (granted she only could sing the last words of the phrases but hey, she's trying). But when I came in to get down with her, I was told "Shhh" and "Go"

Somebody should tell her I used to rock that stage pre-her. We have the tapes for evidence. But whatever, I'm a mom, which means I have un-cool stamped on my forehead.


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Carla said...

Between blogging, tv, movies, studying and mothering what's a girl to do?!
Gotta go...The Office is coming on!